I am falling behind on the Year of Knitted Gifts creation – with my Dad’s birthday passed and four birthdays in April that I can think of right now – so a bit of quick fibre preparation and targeted spinning was just what I needed to get the next project rolling.  What better time to start spinning that on a Saturday night watching football – first game of the season and we lost but it was still great to watch!

I decided that I would spin 1/2 the tub of wool I had flicked but in the excitement of the game of I got through 3/4.  So, while I am behind, I am ahead of schedule on this one – 8 days to knit up the intended project and I think it will take me one or two.

Hornfels Ridge Corriedale Handspun 12 WPI

This yarn is spun from some suint washed Hornfels Ridge Corriedale.  It is light & springy, not super soft but not scratchy either.  Spun S, plied Z, it’s 12 WPI, approximately 187 metres & weighs about 105 gms.

The pattern calls for 11WPI & 214 metres so it looks like, once again, I have not spun enough yarn.  I need to start this project anyway and see how far I get with the small hope that my measurement of metres is not correct and that I will get through without spinning more.


I have completed Gift 7 – I did have it finished on the recipients birthday but due to me having the dates all wrong it did not get there on the day.  A quick knit using the same of hand spun, hand dyed, Finn/Corriedale Cross as it has no prickle and therefore makes great head wear.  Not sure how my niece will like it but if she doesn’t I think her sister will!

Lilliput Hat by Meg MyersLilliput Hat by Meg MyersLilliput Hat by Meg Myers

This is the Lilliput Hat by Meg Myers.  As the yarn used has a bit of a halo the true beauty of the design is slightly lost but it was still good to knit.  This pattern was quick and satisfying and simple enough to knit while away on a girls weekend.  Overall I am quite happy with the result.  It has now been posted off so I hope my niece likes it enough to wear once or twice over the Winter months.


My inability to plan properly has let me down again and this is the first knitted gift of 2012 not to go out on time….  I know being Summer here that it’s not really a big deal but I am really trying to be organised and Sorted with day to day living including remembering birthdays and special events.  To complete this beanie I only needed to knit about 14 rows and it would have been done except I somehow put my back out so that the Tuesday before it was “due” I couldn’t walk and then it took ages to get to the point where I was game enough to sit and spin.  My back is most definitely on the mend now but still tender….at least there is no structural damage and it all appears to be muscular.  Must get my core super strong… that’s on the to do list along with getting back into the Couch to 5km….

I have finally finished the Mountain Stream Scarf – it has been finished for a week or two now but with everything that’s been going on it hasn’t been delivered to it’s recipient or blogged.

Here it is blocking:

Mountain Stream Scarf

Mountain Stream Scarf

The cat loved it and wouldn’t get off – ?the smell of the wet Alpaca was appealing?

I decided to just keep on going with the different coloured skein and, although it’s quite prominent in these photos I think it looks ok:



I am probably about 2/3 – 3/4 of the way through the Mountain Stream Scarf  and when I started I had only spun 1/2 the yarn.  I have since spun the rest as I have shown but when I started the new ball this happened:


Can you see the colour change?  It is much more pronounced in real life.  Talk about different dye lots – but it’s all natural so I am just going with it in the hope that it will even out as I keep on knitting…..  Part of the charm?  This poor project is a never-ending story but I think I am making head way and if I can put it before a few gift knits then it should be done in a week or so…..

Knitted Neck Scarf - martha stewart pattern

Knitted Neck Scarf - martha stewart pattern
This is a Martha Stewart pattern that my SIL sent me.  I had forgotten about it but it was in my Ravelry queue which is ridiculously long.  My Ravelry queue is not so much a queue of what I am going to knit but what I like and might knit….

Anyway, I used some handspun merino/silk blend that I bought from the Spinner’s & Weaver’s Guild in Carlton.  I originally used the handspun for the Bainbridge Scarf and really had quite a bit left over.  The Martha Stewart pattern uses hardly any yarn and was a fun, quick knit.  The scarf itself sits really nicely on, has an element of interest in its construction and is a convenient size (i.e. no flopping around, blowing in the wind kind of thing) I will be knitting it again.

I have cast on for another birthday gift – there are 5 potential knitted gifts in my circle for January with one near the beginning, one in middle and three towards the end.  The middle gift has been completed and now I have finished the first and second ones.

My BIL is going to Japan during 2012 for a skiing trip and has flattered me by asking for a new beanie – he was given one a few years ago and surprised me by wearing it almost constantly during the colder months over the past few years.  I was going to use the caramel alpaca but, after his comments about ETTA and the black alpaca I decided to use it up in a beanie for him. I knitted the pattern Beanie No.212 which you can find here. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo and the gift has been sent so I am hoping he will send me one or two for the blog record.

For this fourth gift I searched Ravelry for another slouchy type beanie as my SIL made lots of noise about ETTA over Christmas.  I couldn’t really find anything else that I really liked so I am knitting another ETTA in handspun, hand dyed yarn.  Again this yarn is about 10 WPI so in between a DK and Worsted.  Here’s hoping it comes out well, if it does I might knit up another one in this yarn for Pete’s niece but if anyone has any other slouchy hat suggestions I’d be keen to look at them!


This is Finn/Corriedale cross that I spun up quite a while ago and had sitting in the stash.  The fibre came from Fairfield Finns and I will be sure to buy some more when I get my own stash down!  I have dyed it with Landscape Dyes – Apollo Bay & Sturt Desert Pea at a 1:2 ratio – I initially wanted a deep red but had nothing of the sort in the dyes so purple/plum it is.