I finished the first clue for Susanna IC MKAL on Saturday which was a bit of a surprise.  The Grand Final was on (but I didn’t watch it – it held no interest this year and gave a disappointing result – not a very competitive game!) which is usually good knitting time but instead I sat out by the pool while the kids swam and knitted there in the sunshine.  I had just started Clue 2 when Sam started to make noise about feeling sick and we spent the afternoon on the couch with his head in a bucket while I stroked his forehead.  Let’s get something clear here – that is a big deal as I am the sort of mother that’s short on sympathy for illness – I think it’s due to being a nurse – so for me it was a big deal.  It was kind of nice in a not nice way!  I am trying harder to be more nurturing in times of illness – especially gastroenteritis type bugs because they often get me!  Anyway, here is Clue 1 finished – Sam took the photo for me and it’s a better job than I can do:


I chose the beads with the silver lining – they seemed to stand out just enough & I am doing the “lots of beads” version for a bit of razzle dazzle especially as it’s a gift & I want it to look…..opulent.  I am not sure the general population appreciates the effort of handspun but  know most of them like bling & will think beads in knitting is pretty special.



The last few months have been about getting though full-time work, sock knitting and a little spinning.

At the moment I have been working on this:


It’s the batts I photographed a on my very first Fibre Friday and I am working on this fibre in a stashbusting effort.  I was planning on spinning this reasonably fine so I could use it for socks but my concentration laspes and my default spinning is about 16 WPI so I am not sure how it has come out.  I  found this to be a slow project but only because so little time was actually allocated for it even though I really wanted to get it spun up and off the bobbins so I could start the plum overdyed coloured fibre from a few months ago.  Also, I wanted the bobbins tidied up to ready to take the second half of the IxCHel Bunny Fibre Club instalment from the first month (last Fibre Club – not the current one!).

A Bobbin Full



I decided that I needed knit something different – read here not ETTA again – to add a bit of variety so I have knitted the F346 Coffee Beenz Hat.


This is a quick easy knit – a good use of my hand dyed Finn/Corriedale that I used for ETTA.  It think it will make a good teenager gift – kind of cool (but then I may be a bit out of the cool scene since I was never there in the first place :)).   I still have lots of this yarn but I am not sure what I will use it for next….

Knitted Neck Scarf - martha stewart pattern

Knitted Neck Scarf - martha stewart pattern
This is a Martha Stewart pattern that my SIL sent me.  I had forgotten about it but it was in my Ravelry queue which is ridiculously long.  My Ravelry queue is not so much a queue of what I am going to knit but what I like and might knit….

Anyway, I used some handspun merino/silk blend that I bought from the Spinner’s & Weaver’s Guild in Carlton.  I originally used the handspun for the Bainbridge Scarf and really had quite a bit left over.  The Martha Stewart pattern uses hardly any yarn and was a fun, quick knit.  The scarf itself sits really nicely on, has an element of interest in its construction and is a convenient size (i.e. no flopping around, blowing in the wind kind of thing) I will be knitting it again.

Cast on!

It’s a Mystery what this will be.  Well, I know it will be a shawl but what will it look like?  I have no idea because I have joined in the Susanna IC January KAL.   I cast on yesterday but that’s about as far as I got – 313 stitches is enough for one sitting!

I have cast on for another birthday gift – there are 5 potential knitted gifts in my circle for January with one near the beginning, one in middle and three towards the end.  The middle gift has been completed and now I have finished the first and second ones.

My BIL is going to Japan during 2012 for a skiing trip and has flattered me by asking for a new beanie – he was given one a few years ago and surprised me by wearing it almost constantly during the colder months over the past few years.  I was going to use the caramel alpaca but, after his comments about ETTA and the black alpaca I decided to use it up in a beanie for him. I knitted the pattern Beanie No.212 which you can find here. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo and the gift has been sent so I am hoping he will send me one or two for the blog record.

For this fourth gift I searched Ravelry for another slouchy type beanie as my SIL made lots of noise about ETTA over Christmas.  I couldn’t really find anything else that I really liked so I am knitting another ETTA in handspun, hand dyed yarn.  Again this yarn is about 10 WPI so in between a DK and Worsted.  Here’s hoping it comes out well, if it does I might knit up another one in this yarn for Pete’s niece but if anyone has any other slouchy hat suggestions I’d be keen to look at them!


This is Finn/Corriedale cross that I spun up quite a while ago and had sitting in the stash.  The fibre came from Fairfield Finns and I will be sure to buy some more when I get my own stash down!  I have dyed it with Landscape Dyes – Apollo Bay & Sturt Desert Pea at a 1:2 ratio – I initially wanted a deep red but had nothing of the sort in the dyes so purple/plum it is.

This is my current project:



From the Fall 2011 Spin-Off, it’s the Seawall Scarf.