6 months to go!

#11 June 1st of the Month

#11 June 1st of the Month

#12 June Mid-Month

#12 June Mid-Month


Here are my last dishcloths for the 2013 KAL.

I have to say, I think the spider cloth is my favourite.  I made a mistake 1/2 way through it and had to frog to get the picture right but it was worth it (sorry it’s upside down but I am not sure how to turn it….)

I have knitted the pumpkin cloth before (it may even have been earlier this year when I was knitting up last year’s list) and it’s nice but no Halloween here so not so relevant.

I am wrapped to have finished all 24 dishcloths this year, not sure what my 2014 challenge will be…..  Happy New Year!







It would have been better all one colour but, hey, it’s a dishcloth & it used up some random stash!


This is the dishcloth from Mid-September.  One of the good things about knitting dishcloths is that you get to try out new stitch patterns and then repeat them over and over again but still start and end the project within a short period. It can be quite satisfying at times but sometimes I put so much pressure on myself to achieve something it can be a bit tedious…. I have been a “bit behind” in the KALs this 1/2 of the year but I am catching up  – I just have to remember that it’s only a dishcloth!

This is the second Dishcloth KAL for February – it was finished a while ago but life has been really busy.

February Dishcloth KAL