I am loving these socks – just need a few more conferences……



Modified Manly Socks

Wow – I am shocked to realise it’s been so long since I last wrote a post.  In that time there really hasn’t been a lot of knitting but I have finished the Manly Socks and started a new pair.  This time I am knitting socks to give away.  It feels kind of strange but I know that the person who I am knitting them for will appreciate them especially as they are such a special yarn.

These socks are Love Heart Socks in the IxChel Bunny sock yarn I received in the sock yarn club I was in last year and which I just signed up for again.  It’s amazing how lovely yarn just makes you want to knit and knit.


Where I got to before pulling out.

I started the socks with 3mm DPN but quickly found that they were going to be too big – annoying since I actually did a gauge swatch.  I pulled them out & started again with 2.5mm DPN and still think I could have gone to 2mm DPN.  Anyway, they will be as they be and still look & feel great.  I just have to work out how long the recipients feet are without asking…..


The ball here is pretty close to the true colours



It’s been a busy week with a bit of sock knitting slipped in between things. I got quite a bit done last Sunday during the Wangaratta Carp Muster – an event we will definitely attend again next year even though we didn’t even get a bite! Maybe not getting a bite is a good sign for the creek but I think it’s more a sign of the conditions on the day….

This is the progression of the week in the life of this new sock – Moda Vera Noir from the stash I bought ages ago at Spotlight using the ball band pattern:













I spent Thursday and most of Friday with my head in a bucket – I hate gastro with a passion – not sure where it came from but the recovery is very slow – I still feel quite unwell every time I eat and have little appetite – I am trying to make myself drink water but it hurts!

This morning we were supposed to be off to Melbourne for a 40th Birthday lunch and I had thought maybe a bit more knitting on the way there would complete the sock but I think I’ll be staying home & mostly horizontal!

Have you seen Ruth’s Cats? They look great!


I have finally made a break through with Firestarter!  To say this has been an epic would be an understatement.  It is no fault of the sock design only errors made by me.  I have had to rip it a number of times due to lapses in concentration, putting it down and not coming back for several days and picking it up incorrectly but here we are:


One finished sock.

I have to day I am approaching the second with much trepidation however I am determined to get it started and finished in less time than it took the first.  I really want to have it finished by the time the first installment of the IxChel Bunny Sock Club arrives so instead of 7 weeks I am hoping to get the next on e done in 1-2 weeks…..

Oh how difficult I have found the first sock of Firestarter!  It’s not that the pattern is difficult, I think it’s just my head space.  The cast on took 3 goes, I changed the stitch number as I know that 56 stitches in this yarn suits me and gives a good fit, the initial cables were a debacle and I had to rip them back a number of times and then, I have come to realise, I am mixing up the right twist and left twist on occasion.  Being so sick of it I have just continued on and only a knitter will notice the mess as it’s on the foot where it’s the worst.  Now I seem to have the pattern sorted and am pushing on but I am only up to here on the first sock:

Firestarter in Progress

I hope to at least have one sock finished by next Sunday!

Last week I did a bit of spinning.  Enough spinning to start and finish 110g of sock yarn!  It’s lovely – hand dyed by me with colours Sophie chose – and of the same stock that my store items are made from.

Predrafted fibre

Predrafted fibre

Set up spin

Set up spin

(note: these photos seem to show the true colour of the fibre! I really need to practice with lighting!)

I decided to go through my Ravelry Queue to see what socks I could knit with a 2ply, 14 WPI, fingering weight yarn – as it turns out there are 13 patterns that suit…  I have 13 pairs of socks of 4 ply/fingering weight in my Ravelry Queue!





My first choice from this list was Charade but as I have not measured the metreage and as this was originally spun up for Sophie to have a pair of socks I thought I should probably go with the Spring Anklets by Cassie Thoreson.

But, after thinking of me first, I realised that I had spun this for my Darling Daughter – who just threw a HUGE tantrum – so I found this pattern… I’m off to be a grown up and do a swatch!  Fingers crossed I’ll have enough left for a pair of anklets for me.

At the moment I am working on about 4 projects doing a little on each and watching them all progress at a reasonable rate. I have so many on the go because I couldn’t decide between the fibres so all at once seemed a good approach.

My first stop of each day is some sock knitting. This is the second in the pair, the first was a pleasure to knit and such a joyful thing to watch the colours self stripe. I am especially enjoying this project knowing that I have processed the fleece from raw state to knitting.

After I have done a few rows of the sock I usually pick up the charity knitting:

I am trying to knit 12 rows a day which I think works out that I’ll have it done in 30 days, plenty of time to get it in. This is much more pleasant to knit than I had anticipated as I don’t usually like to knit with acrylic. This lot is surprisingly soft and doesn’t feel too yucky on my fingers.

My third project is Panel B of the Mohair Blanket, 1 finished Panel A a long time ago and have B,C,D & E to go. I love the feeling of the Studio Mohair as I knit it and surprisingly I am not finding the stocking stitch boring but I think I can attribute that to the range of projects on the go!

The fourth project is a spinning one. It is the same wool as my sock yarn and it is intended to be another sock yarn. I have finished spinning the blue and am now onto the white – I am going to make it a 2 ply with the contrasting colours. I have prepared the white by scouring it, flicking and then drum carding and have pre-drafted the batts prior to spinning and seem to be getting a reasonably consistent single.