I was hoping to have lots to show you today but life just hasn’t turned out that way. Instead of doing what I had planned we finally got our new front door on and we are so happy! I can’t believe the difference in the reduced draught and the amount of light it lets in – needless to say we are all very happy :)!

Last week I rescued my apple trees, some herbs and some Jerusalem artichoke tubers from my Melbourne garden and they are hanging out to be potted up and planted out….it’s raining here (another great thing) but I am hoping to get it done today….

There is snow on Mt Hotham and, while it is lovely to look at, it is very very cold!

Knitting is progressing slowly – maybe I’ll have something to show at the end of the week but for now it’s all pretty much the same. I have been drum carding alpaca and silk for Henley Perfected and have now done about 1/2 of what I need…..slowly slowly….it really is a labour of love!